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Gold Coins Rewards

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Gold Coins are an abstract currency designed to reward our customers for their loyalty and offer an excellent value to those preferring to shop online. Think of them as points, but unlike the points you can earn with airlines or credit cards, each Gold Coin has a definite worth that can be spent on your favorite NutriGold products whenever you like. In addition, the more Gold Coins you collect, the more valuable they become, as large sums of Gold Coins can be exchanged for even greater discounts.

The Gold Coins Applet

Everything regarding Gold Coins can be done straight from the on-page applet. To access it, you first need to be logged into your NutriGold site account. To log in, you can simply click here, or you can do it from the user menu.

Once you're logged in, the Gold Coins applet will appear at the bottom right of your screen, and it will remain there as you browse the site. Click the gold button at any time to open the applet.

From the applet, you can see your current Gold Coins balance, view current redemption options, and more. You can even choose to refer your friends to earn extra Gold Coins for both you and your pals!

When you want to cash in your Gold Coins, select a redemption option and click "redeem." The applet will generate a unique, one-time discount code that can be used at checkout. Click "apply code" to apply it automatically.

Earning Gold Coins

Users earn Gold Coins each time they complete a purchase at NutriGold.com. Generally, you'll receive 5 Gold Coins for each dollar ($1.00 USD) you spend on your order. We'll also award you with 375 Gold Coins to start with, just for registering an account.

Keep a watchful eye out for sales and special events, as they may come with opportunities to earn even more Gold Coins than usual! Subscribe to our newsletter to receive notifications when such events occur.

Redemption Options & The Value of a Gold Coin

The same basic redemption options are always available. The smallest of which is a $5.00 store credit for 250 Gold Coins and the largest of which is a $50.00 store credit for 2,500 Gold Coins. These are static value redemption options. If you've saved 5,000 or more Gold Coins, you can also take advantage of percent discount redemption options — these are especially useful if you like to stock up on all your favorite supplements in one large order.

During sales and special events, we may introduce new, even more favorable redemption options for a limited time. Subscribe to our newsletter to be notified when opportunities like this arise.

Reward Cost Type
$5 store credit 250 Gold Coins Static value
$10 store credit 500 Gold Coins Static value
$15 store credit 750 Gold Coins Static value
$20 store credit 1,000 Gold Coins Static value
$25 store credit 1,250 Gold Coins Static value
$30 store credit 1,500 Gold Coins Static value
$35 store credit 1,750 Gold Coins Static value
$40 store credit 2,000 Gold Coins Static value
$45 store credit 2,250 Gold Coins Static value
$50 store credit 2,500 Gold Coins Static value
Extra 25% discount 5,000 Gold Coins Percent discount
Extra 35% discount 10,000 Gold Coins Percent discount


Discount codes cannot be stacked; only one can be used per order. This means that if you want to save $10 on your order, you must redeem for a $10 code, not two $5 codes.

Gold Coins codes also cannot be combined with exclusive codes you receive via our newsletter, so bear this in mind when planning to get the most from your Gold Coins!

Gold Coins codes can only be used with our standard checkout. They cannot be applied to automatic recurring orders (subscriptions).