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Our Quality Commitment: Proven Ingredients

You want evidence-based formulations that are proven safe and effective.
Lucky for us, that's kind of our specialty.

Within the supplements industry, most manufacturers fall into one of three categories

  1. Manufacturers in the first category use proven ingredients that are considered industry leaders because of their impressive clinical pedigree and exceptional safety profiles.
  2. Manufacturers in the second category use commodity ingredients that are similar to, but not the same as, proven ingredients and rely on borrowed science to market the product; this involves taking the results of a clinically proven ingredient or product and using it to sell unproven, sometimes unsafe, products.
  3. Manufacturers in the third category use ingredients that are often unknown and mostly unproven and hype up the ingredient’s benefits using marketing science.

At NutriGold we know that every time you purchase one of our products, you are entrusting us with your most prized possession, your health, and this is not a responsibility we take lightly.

So, we look past all the marketing hype, reject the temptation to cut corners or use inferior quality ingredients, and rely on a combination of historical evidence and scientific data to identify ingredients that are proven to be both safe and effective. To settle for anything less would not only be a violation of the trust you have in our company and products but a betrayal of our fundamental commitment to “do no harm.”

7-Keto® is a patented metabolite of DHEA acetate and has been extensively studied at the preclinical and clinical levels, with four of those studies being published in peer-reviewed journals suggesting benefits of weight management and increased metabolic rate. When taken in conjunction with a sensible diet and a moderate exercise program, 7-Keto® can help individuals lose 3x more weight than what they would with diet and exercise alone.

AstaReal® is the most clinically studied brand of natural astaxanthin and is backed by over fourteen international patents. AstaReal astaxanthin extracted from Haematococcus pluvialis microalgae in extremely pristine conditions in the US. It has clinically proven broad-spectrum applications in the areas of muscle endurance, eye fatigue, and gastric health.

NKO® is the flagship krill oil of Neptune Biosciences, the global leader in the development, production, and research of krill oil. NKO krill oil is extracted from a certified sustainable source using a patented, cold-vacuum process that ensures high quality oil superior to fish oil and other krill oils. In fact, NKO’s phospholipid-bound omega-3s are 2.5 times more bioavailable than fish oil and easier to digest with no reflux or aftertaste.

Curcumin C3 Complex® is an award-winning extract of Curcuma longa root standardized to 95% total curcuminoids and the three individual curcuminoids in a patented ratio shown in clinical studies to deliver therapeutic benefits. Curcumin C3 Complex is NSF® certified to meet potency specifications, which means you can be sure that you are getting the same extract that is used in clinical investigations.

KSM-66® is an award-winning, patented, clinically-proven, full-spectrum, and certified organic extract of Withania somniferastandardized to > 5% withanolides from roots alone. KSM-66® boasts an exceptional purity profile with less than 0.1% of withaferin A, a cytotoxin that occurs naturally in the plant, and its safety and effectiveness are backed by clinical studies.

Super CitriMax® is a patented, clinically proven, non-stimulant, water extract of Garcinia cambogia standardized to 60% HCA and chelatedto potassium and calcium salts for enhanced bioavailability. Super CitriMax® is the only HCA ingredient with an approved fat burning claim and is clinically proven to decrease appetite, reduce caloric intake, burn fat, and reduce body fat 3x more than diet and exercise alone.

Slendesta® is a clinically proven extract derived from US-grown, white potatoes standardized to a protein found under the skin of the potato called proteinase inhibitor II (PI2). PI2 works by enhancing the body’s release of cholecystokinin (CCK), a natural factor in the body that signals the brain and helps create feelings of fullness and satisfaction. The safety and effectiveness of Slendesta® in managing satiety, supporting weight loss, and reducing waist and hip measurements is supported by 11 clinical studies.freshness.

Kaneka Ubiquinol™ is the world’s first and only ubiquinol available as a nutritional ingredient. Derived from Kaneka Q10®, the only all natural yeast-fermented and bioidentical CoQ10 available today, Kaneka Ubiquinol™ is more bioavailable than conventional CoQ10; this means that optimal levels of CoQ10 can be restored quickly and efficiently. A strong lipid-soluble antioxidant, Kaneka Ubiquinol™ protects the body’s cells from oxidative damage and plays an essential role in cellular energy production.

BIO-tract by Nutraceutix® is a multi-patented delivery technology designed to protect probiotic supplements from degrading prematurely in stomach acids and facilitating targeted, sustained release of live organisms throughout the digestive Probiotic supplements formulated using BIO-tract® delivery also benefit from LiveBac® processes that guarantee shelf-stability of the beneficial bacteria at room temperature.

Vitashine® is a 100% vegan-friendly vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) from lichens that are analyzed to validate the presence of vitamin D3. Following this, the vitamin D3 rich oil is extracted in a totally light, heat, and moisture controlled environment to ensure optimal Because safety is primary, lichens are carefully selected from among those that have been used in foods for centuries. Vitashine ensures optimum purity and stability of the D3 by testing every batch of oil.

Kaneka Q10®, the only CoQ10 manufactured in the US, is the world’s purest, most thoroughly researched CoQ10 ingredient available Unlike many CoQ10 ingredients that are processed from bacteria or tobacco leaves, Kaneka Q10® is fermented from pure, natural yeast and does not contain the impurities that synthetically processed CoQ10 does. Kaneka Q10® is bioidentical to the CoQ10 produced by the body and helps support cellular energy, stamina, endurance, and overall wellness.