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Certificates of analysis

  • Certificates of Analysis

NutriGold’s Commitment to Authentic Transparency

Instant Access to Certificates of Analysis

"Honesty and transparency make you vulnerable. Be honest and transparent anyway." — Mother Teresa

Authentic transparency is one of four key values that defines everything we say, do, and stand for at NutriGold. We believe that authentic transparency is caring about customers enough to tell them the truth and trusting them enough to know that they will understand and respect us for it. It is respecting consumers’ right to see who we really are and hold us accountable for the things we say and do.​ It is the willingness to admit mistakes and acknowledge failures even if there is an inherent risk that such disclosures will make us vulnerable in ways that engender trust and inspire confidence.

Our commitment to authentic transparency is best reflected not just in our willingness to share where our ingredients come from or in the ethical disclosures about the composition of our products, but also in our willingness to make product C of As readily and easily accessible with a simple scan of the QR code on our product labels so consumers can make informed purchasing decisions.

We believe that consumers have the right to hold companies accountable for label claims and that companies, in return, are professionally, morally, and ethically obligated to make this information available and accessible upon request. Contrary to the claims propagated by many brands, neither the FDA nor any other regulatory body restricts companies from sharing certificates of analysis with consumers. And consumers would do well to be skeptical of any brand that refuses to make a product C of A available to consumers, no matter the reason.

At NutriGold, we work with multiple labs to evaluate the quality of our raw materials and finished products. So, for any given product, we may have test results from as many as 4 or 5 different labs, depending on what needs to be tested, what methods have to be used, and which lab is most qualified to perform the testing. We take the results of testing from different labs and prepare a Certificate of Analysis that summarizes all of the results on a single quality assurance document. It is this document that we make available to consumers upon request as reassurance that the product contains what is claimed on the label.

As part of our commitment to accountability and authentic transparency, we have provided the Certificates of Analysis for our products, which include detailed information on what we test for, which methods were used to test them, and the actual lot-specific results. Simply click on any link below to view the third-party testing results for that product.

Have questions, comments, or concerns about the testing results? Just email us st and one of our product specialists will be more than happy to assist you in making an informed purchasing decision that is right for you and your loved ones.