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Priya Khan, Ph. D

Founder & Proprietor

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Priya Khan is the founder and worrier-in- chief of NutriGold®, a nutritional supplements company she founded in 2010. Powered by integrity and guided by a philosophy of excellence, Priya has spent the last seven years revolutionizing, redefining and raising the bar on sustainability, quality, accountability, and transparency within the dietary supplements industry.

Her most notable accomplishments include embracing the use of non-GMO and organic ingredients, rejecting the use of chemical additives and GMOs in dietary supplements, championing third-party testing, and empowering consumers to make informed decisions through education.

When she is not busy obsessing about making clean-label, guilt-free, whole food supplements to nourish and fuel real-life, everyday superheroes or micromanaging every single detail of her kids’ lives, Priya enjoy spending time with her best friend and husband of 14 years, playing Lumosity (yes, it is as geeky as it sounds), writing poetry, and binge-watching TV shows on Hulu.

Corinna Bellizzi

SVP Sales & Education

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Born at home in Ashland, Oregon, Corinna Bellizzi spent her early days living on a communal family farm where she shared responsibilities of growing and harvesting food from an early age. Through first-hand experience, she learned how closely connected our survival is to the food we grow and consume — and how disconnected most Americans are from their food sources.

As a Natural Products Industry veteran, since 1999, she has championed supplements and nutrition as a health management tool, and she worked diligently to bring omega-3 fish oils from the fringes of supplementation to a broader, more mainstream audience. A true nutrition geek, Corinna has made it her personal mission to share what she has learned, helping people better understand how a common sense approach to nutrition and lifestyle can improve quality of life.

Today, at her home in California, she still grows fruit trees, strawberries, and herbs that she nourishes with reclaimed water and homemade compost. She serves as the Senior Vice President of NutriGold's Sales & Education Team.

Chad Kelly

National Educator

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Growing up in a conventional household, where fast-food and western medicine reigned supreme, Chad Kelly witnessed first-hand the consequences of a life disconnected from nature. It is through his family health challenges, that Chad was inspired to seek out the healing nutritional support that nature provides.

In his own words: “Sometimes, all it takes is one "light-bulb" moment and a person is inspired to radically shift their behavior.” His goal remains simple and constant, he arms his audiences with the information and tools they need to make informed choices and lead a healthier life.

A featured speaker in health and wellness stores across the U.S., Chad Kelly helps people gain a greater understanding of nutrition, supplementation, and how to comb through a sea of misinformation, teasing fact from fiction or “marketing”. Today, Chad serves as national educator for NutriGold®, where he works to fulfill his personal mission of spreading good-health each day.