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Subcategory - Prenatal Multis

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Questions about prenatal multivitamins

Can individuals with a known or suspected MTHFR gene mutation take NutriGold prenatal multivitamin to get the recommended daily value of folate?

Because individuals with a known or suspected medical condition are considered to be a vulnerable population, we cannot ethically or lawfully provide any information that has even the slightest potential to be misconstrued as an acceptable substitute for a professional medical opinion. So, consistent with our guiding principle to ‘do no harm’ and in the interest of your health and safety, we ask that you discuss your concerns regarding the suitability of our products for your particular health needs with your healthcare provider prior to supplementation.

Why don’t NutriGold multivitamins include any ingredients to address specific prenatal health issues (e.g. nausea)?

At NutriGold, we believe that a prenatal multivitamin should be just that—a multivitamin that helps support maternal health and fetal development from conception to childbirth.  It cannot and should not be used as a one-size-fits-all, kitchen-sink solution to other health concerns that may or may not be shared by all women of childbearing age.

Formulating without these targeted ingredients allows consumers to choose the prenatal multivitamin that best fits their needs based upon micronutrient levels and without the distraction of ingredients that are either present in amounts too low to be therapeutically beneficial or are tangential to the purposes for which most consumers take a prenatal multivitamin (e.g. healthy fetal development).

Is moringa leaf safe for use during pregnancy?

Moringa leaf is known to be one of the richest whole-food sources of vitamins and minerals available today and serves as a key source of micronutrients in Prenatal Multi Gold. Moringa is native to India and has been consumed and revered in Indian culture for thousands of years. While it may be advised to avoid consuming the root, bark or flowers of moringa, the leaf of moringa (what you find in Prenatal Multi Gold) remains a respected source of bioavailable nutrition. That said, we must clarify that we consider women trying to conceive, already pregnant, or breastfeeding to be a vulnerable population and we strongly encourage you to talk to a qualified healthcare professional regarding use, benefits, and possible risks prior to supplementation.

Is NutriGold’s Prenatal Multivitamin easy to digest and gentle on my stomach?

When formulating our prenatal multivitamin, one of the major goals was to provide nutrition essential for healthy fetal development from safe and nourishing organic foods. Except for vitamin B12 (which is synthetic), our multivitamin products do not contain any synthetic vitamins (in isolated or cultured forms); the result is a form of whole-food nutrition that is easy-to-digest and gentle on the stomach.

Does NutriGold’s Prenatal Multivitamin provide DHA?

DHA is an omega-3 fatty acid that is considered an important nutrient for healthy fetal brain development. Unfortunately, the stability of DHA may be compromised when combined with and delivered as part of a multivitamin. For this reason, we do not include DHA in our Prenatal multivitamin. You may be interested in our omega-3 fish oil products which feature DHA from sustainable Alaska Pollock and are third-party tested for purity, potency, and freshness. However, because pregnant women are considered a vulnerable population, we ask that you discuss your interest in our fish oil products with your healthcare provider prior to supplementation.

Does NutriGold Prenatal Multivitamin provide choline?

Choline is a co-nutrient that can help support the bioavailability and activity of B vitamins. Unfortunately, organic, natural sources of choline are not readily available and when they are, the ingredients include synthetic additives (e.g. silicon dioxide), which renders them ineligible for inclusion in our clean-label products. We will continue to explore organic, additive-free sources of choline and if such an option becomes available, we will definitely consider it for inclusion in our products in the future.