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Affordable Earth Initiative: Sustainable Goods at Fair Prices

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How can we work toward a greener future if people can’t afford it? We have the answer: make it less expensive. As you may know, products that are safe for the environment tend to command higher prices. Why is that? Well, as most brands will tell you, making goods with sustainable materials costs more. So does farming without the aid of man-made chemicals, or fishing without giant nets. Techniques like these were invented to cut costs. Choose not to use them, and your cost of production will be higher.

Companies that use these controversial methods can make a killing. They’re also able to price their products at rock-bottom, making them difficult to compete with. Ethical brands that refuse to harm the Earth for personal gain have a hard time surviving as it is. With higher production costs and far less market share, many feel the need to charge a premium for their sustainable goods. This includes many of our peers, and honestly, we can’t blame them. Every squirrel deserves a nut. But, as long as sustainability comes with a planet-sized price tag, nothing’s ever going to change.

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It’s true that demand for sustainable products has risen in recent years. In fact, that’s an understatement. Despite higher prices, market research reports that organic merchandise sells better every year. The Organic Trade Association estimates that at least 75 million Americans choose to buy organic goods1. Non-GMO goods are a similar story, showing a 4,000% sales growth from 2010 to 20152. But, while these numbers are impressive, they need to be even higher. Because, while 75 million Americans may seem like a lot, it’s tiny compared to the 248 million still buying from unethical vendors3. And other nations barely differ.

You might think that’s because people don’t know better, but that’s no longer true. Today, 77% of consumers consider an item’s environmental impact before they buy, according to a recent study4. A similar poll reveals that 89% surveyed said they buy natural products to avoid pesticides and toxins5. So, even those who aren’t aware of a product’s effects on the Earth, are at least aware of its effects on them.

Whatever their reasons, 93% of U.S. shoppers want the FDA to require GMO labeling, with 80% claiming to seek out non-GMO products6. No question, people prefer ethical goods. But until everyone can afford them, many will continue to support companies that abuse Earth’s resources. They don’t want to. They just don’t have a choice.

There’s only one thing we can do to change that. We need to lower prices of sustainable products, no matter what it takes. From organic, non-GMO, and vegan supplements to MSC-certified fish oils, we have to make these goods available for everyone — even if it costs us. Small companies have got to take a hit for Mother Earth. And if our company has to be the first, then so be it.

That's been part of the NutriGold credo since our earliest days. At NutriGold, we do more than bring you quality supplements from sustainable sources. We bring them to you at down-to-earth prices. It’s what customers want. It’s what our planet needs. And we invite others to follow in our footsteps.

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